Rohnert Park Fishing Derby

Note: The Fishing Derby is organized by volunteers and supported by generous businesses and individuals in the area.


We stock about a 1000 catfish every year





Specimen Photo

   Size/Age. Maximum age for these fish varies by latitude; some fisheries sources report a maximum longevity in the 15- to 20-year range, although it is believed that they will exceed 20 years. The commonly caught size of channel catfish is from 1 to 7 pounds; fish over 15 pounds are infrequent and a 20-pounder would be considered very large. The all-tackle world record specimen, a fish caught in 1964, weighed 58 pounds.


If you catch a fish at Roberts Lake, take a picture of it and send it to us at with your fishing story and we will post it on our web site here


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