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Rohnert Park Fishing Derby

Note: The Fishing Derby is organized by volunteers and supported by generous businesses and individuals in the area.


Looking for a way to spend some quality time with your kids?   Take them fishing...   At the end of the day, the kid will remember the fish.  At the end of a lifetime, they will remember the person who took them!


39th Annual Rohnert Park Fishing Derby

Saturday May 25th, 2024 8am-10am

Mark your calanders!

2023 Rohnert Park Fishing Derby Recap.

WOW, what an incredible day at the Rohnert Park Fishing Derby. I dream about days like this, but never thought it would come true. We caught 280 fish, in 120 minutes (2.3 fish a minute) with 100 kids entered. Out of the 100 kids only 10 kids did NOT catch a fish. 90% success rate is AWESOME! I always say its called Fishing and NOT catching, but yesterday at the 38th annual Rohnert Park Fishing Derby it was called CATCHING. We had a line at the scales for over the first hour and off and on to the end. Too be honest we probably caught over 300 fish, but people got tired of bring the fish up to the scales. LOL Fun problems to have. : )

Our biggest fish was caught by Theodore Farwell which was a carp weighting in at a Fishing derby record of 7.2 lbs and received the Active 20-30 Club Biggest Fish trophy. Beating the old record of Josh Lemme of his Trout of 4.3 lbs. The Artist of the Year was Jordan Gregoire who’s drawing was on the front of each t-shirt.

Each kid that caught a fish, all 90 of them received a medal “I caught a fish at the Rohnert Park Fishing Derby" and if it was their first fish ever caught, they also received a certificate for the first fish ever.

Special Thanks to all my Sponsors who make this event FREE to the public. I had unexpected bills this year and was short of funds and a couple businesses helped out big time to make up the difference. The Community Voice, CSC Flooring and Design and Innovative Screen Printing. Extra special Thank you for stepping up.

Also a special thank you to the Rohnert Park Police and Fire for being onsite and making this a safe event for the second year with no problems and no homeless people at the lake during the derby. Big thanks to the Active 20/30 Club suppling us with Hot Chocolate and World Famous Snow Cones. Hessel Church for the coffee, Keith Garlock State Farm for hand sanitizer.

Also BIG thank you for all my awesome volunteers that help run the derby and make me look good. : ) Thank you all, as I could not put this event on with out all of you. Gary Coffman, Jill Zschach, Racheal Zschach, Steve Sanderson, Joe Fong and Lisa Myhre.

Remember there are still fish not caught and l’m looking forward seeing you next year at the 39th annual fishing derby. : )


Mark you calendars Rohnert Park Fishing Derby Saturday May 25th, 2024 8am


Fish caught at Roberts Lake

Catch a fish at Roberts Lake & e-mail it to us. We will post you & your fish on our web site. See fish!


Artist of the Year Contest

We will be accepting drawings for the  Artist of the Year contest until  April 1st,2024




 Fishing Quotes

The true story of Roberts Lake’s origins


Don't know what line or bait to use or how to setup your fishing pole for trout or Bluegill at the Rohnert Park fishing derby. Contact me and I will help. 



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Finial Results

2,174 Fish caught since 2003

2023 Derby: 280 fish
2022 Derby: 110 fish
2021 Derby: Cancelled
2020 Derby: Cancelled
2019 Derby: 82 fish
2018 Derby: 34 fish
2017 Derby: 87 fish
2016 Derby: 74 fish
2015 Derby: 118 fish
2014 Derby:  98 fish
2013 Derby: 45 fish
2012 Derby:  82 fish
2011 Derby: 135 fish
2010 Derby: 83 fish
2009 Derby: 133 fish
2008 Derby: 147 fish
2007 Derby: 178 + 66 fish
2006 Derby: 115 + 53 fish
2005 Derby: 131 fish
2004 Derby:  97 fish
2003 Derby: 26 fish



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