Rohnert Park Fishing Derby

Note: The Fishing Derby is organized by volunteers and supported by generous businesses and individuals in the area.


Take alook at all the fish and the smiles from past fishing derbies.




Photos from 2023 Fishing Derby   38th annual (Last update 5/28/2023)

Photos from 2022 Fishing Derby   37th annual (Last update 5/28/2022)

Photos from 2019 Fishing Derby   36th annual (Last update 5/20/2019)

Photos from 2018 Fishing Derby   35th annual (Last update 5/20/2018)

Photos from 2017 Fishing Derby   34th annual (Last update 5/20/2017)

Photos from 2016 Fishing Derby   33rd annual (Last update 5/21/2016)

 Photos from 2015 Fishing Derby   32nd annual (Last update 5/23/2015)

Photos from 2014 Fishing Derby   31st annual (Last update 5/17/2014)

Photos from 2013 Fishing Derby   30th annual (Last update 5/19/2013)


Photos from 2012 Fishing Derby  29th annual (Last update 5/19/2012)

Photos from 2011 Fishing Derby  28th annual (Last update 5/23/2011)

Photos from 2010 Fishing Derby  27th annual (Last update 5/24/2010)

Photos from 2009 Fishing Derby 26th annual (Last update 5/20/2009)

Photos from 2008 Fishing Derby 25th annual (Last update 5/20/2008)

Photos from 2007 Fishing Derby 24th annual (Last update 5/20/2007)

Photos from 2006 Fishing Derby 23rd annual (Last update 5/22/2006)

Photos from 2005 Fishing Derby 22nd annual (Last update 5/23/2005)

Photos from 2005 Fishing Derby from Western Sport Shop

Photos from 2004 Fishing Derby 21st annual (Last update 5/24/2004)

Photos from 2003 Fishing Derby 20 annual  (Last update 5/5/2003)

Photos from earlier Fishing Derbies  18th & 19th annual           

If you have participated in previous Rohnert Park fishing derbies and have pictures, please contact the organizers. We would like to create an album of pictures from fishing derbies of different years.

We are especially interested in photos of the first derby 30 years ago.



If you have caught a fish at Roberts Lake anytime during the year, send it to us with your story on how you caught it and we will post it on our web site here.

Fish caught at Roberts Lake not at the derby

My favorite fishing derby photo

The Rohnert Park Fishing Derby is just not all about the fishing, sometimes its about the snow cones!! One of my favorite fishing derbies pictures.



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