Rohnert Park Fishing Derby

Note: The Fishing Derby is organized by volunteers and supported by generous businesses and individuals in the area.


All these fish below were caught at Roberts Lake and released unharmed!




If you have caught a fish at Roberts Lake, but it wasn't at the fishing derby. Please send us a photo & story on how you caught it and we will post it on the web page.  Click on pictures to enlarge and scroll page down to see all the fish.

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  My name is Craig and I caught a 2 pounds catfish off the dock using yellow powerbait. All I did was cast my pole out to the middle of the lake and then I waited. Then the line started to move to the right. "I knew it was big because it took a really long time to reel it in". We took a picture and released it back for the next person to catch. 7/15/04
  My name is Craig and I caught this 28" Carp weighting about 10 pounds just North of the dock at Roberts Lake. It took me about 5 minutes to reel it in. I use flower tortilla dipped in corn juice. We took a picture and released it back for the next person to catch. "It almost broke my arm" said Craig!        5/29/05
  I also caught 12 Blue gills with worms.  All blue gill were release back into Roberts Lake     5/29/05
  Craig catching a trout  on yellow power bait Had to keep and eat the trout.   08/09/04

James caught this 12lb large mouth bass at roberts lake in june of 2010

I WENT FISHING TO ROBERTS LAKE LIKE AT 9am I FISHED WITH 3 of my friends BY THE BRING FOR ABOUT 2 hours we didnt have a bite so then we went to the other side.AND IN ABOUT 20 minute I felt a bite.!I ROLED IT IN AND THERE WAS A FISH.AND BEFORE THAT WE MADE A TRap which is just a 3lb weight and a hook I put a worm in that hook and five min after I felt a bite in the trap which was JUST about 7 feet far.AFTER I catched the first one  5 minutes later I caught one with the trap.!SO WE WERE IMPRESSED ABOUT CATCHING ONE WITH TRAP WE MADE ANOTHER TRAP AND IN ABOUT 15 min we caught another one with that that meant that the fishes were far from us.we did have some other bites but they were with small fishing rods and the fish took the hook and weight.well that's all and I love fishing at Roberts lake.



Craig has caught 2 turtles. One on flower tortillas & the other on yellow powerbait. 7/12/04 & 5/30/05

Rachael caught 12 Blue gills on worms. All the Blue Gills were release back into Roberts Lake or the same one was 12 times.  5/30/05








Kevin caught this Carp off the dock at Roberts Lake 7/6/03
Donny caught this catfish at Roberts Lake on is 10 pounds in size. Nice job!

Troy wharton jr. caught this large mouth bass on 5" plastic worm/texas rig.

JJ catch this 10lb Rainbow trout one month after the 2010 fishing derby on green power bait. He was there 5 hours before the fish bit his line. This is a Roberts lake record for Rainbow Trout!


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