Fish caught at Roberts Lake

Rachael caught 12 Blue gills on worms. All the Blue Gills were release back into Roberts Lake or the same one was 12 times.  5/30/05

If you have caught a fish at Roberts Lake, but it wasn't at the fishing derby. Please send us a photo & story on how you caught it and we will post it on the web page.              Click on pictures to enlarge and scroll page down to see all the fish.

My name is Craig and I caught this 28" Carp weighting about 10 pounds just North of the dock at Roberts Lake. It took me about 5 minutes to reel it in. I use flower tortilla dipped in corn juice. We took a picture and released it back for the next person to catch. "It almost broke my arm" said Craig!        5/29/05
Here I'm catching a Crawdad. The Crawdad was put back into Roberts Lake   5/27/05

Craig is going for the Roberts Lake fishing cycle, by catching one of every fish in Roberts Lake. He currently has a Trout, Blue Gill, Catfish, Carp, Turlte & Crawdad (Isn't a fish, but always reminded he caught it). He is only missing a Bass & Crappie.

I also caught 12 Blue gills with worms.  All blue gill were release back into Roberts Lake     5/29/05
Kevin caught this Carp off the dock at Roberts Lake 7/6/03

Craig catching a trout  on yellow power bait Had to keep and eat the trout.   08/09/04
Craig has caught 2 turtles. One on flower tortillas & the other on yellow powerbait. 7/12/04 & 5/30/05


My name is Craig and I caught a 2 pounds catfish off the dock using yellow powerbait. All I did was cast my pole out to the middle of the lake and then I waited. Then the line started to move to the right. "I knew it was big because it took a really long time to reel it in". We took a picture and released it back for the next person to catch. 7/15/04