Helping kids smile one fish at a time!

Rohnert Park Fishing Derby

Note: The Fishing Derby is organized by volunteers and supported by generous businesses and individuals in the area.

Looking for a way to spend some quality time with your kids?   Take them fishing...   At the end of the day, the kid will remember the fish.  At the end of a lifetime, they will remember the person who took them!

36th Annual Rohnert Park Fishing Derby


Saturday May 25th, 2019 8am-10am

What a perfect day for fishing. Food Maxx came out and smoked hotdogs & hamburgers for everyone. I can't believe what I have been missing, as it was the best buger I have ever had. Active 20/30 Club handed out their world famous Snow cones & Hessel church provided much needed Coffee & hot chocolate. Our Artist of the Year was Molly McDonald, whos drawing was put on all the t-shirts (Enter below for next year) and BIGGEST fish was caught by Corin Ritchey Varville at 2.97lbs. We only caught 34 fish at this years derby, is why they call it fishing and not catching! But we now have caught 1702 fish since 2003, which is average of 106 fish a year. Hope to see you next year! 2018 Pictures here!


Life time fishing license

If you buy a life time fishing license for you child before thay are 10, it will cost $533. By the time they are 26 yrs old it will pay for it self and they will never have to buy a fishing license again. See link for more information. Life Time License (Click here 4 info)


ENTER Artist of the Year Contest

We will be accepting drawings for the  Artist of the Year contest NOW! You can enter all year. So start drawing and enter, as you might be the next Artist of the Year! ENTER HERE                --------------------------------------


SAT, July 7th & SAT, Sept 1st

Fish caught at Roberts Lake
Catch a fish at Roberts Lake & e-mail it to us. We will post you & your fish on our web site. See fish!



Jokes and Games

 Fishing Quotes

Derby record 4.5lb trout

Lake Record 10lb trout


The true story of Roberts Lake’s origins

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Finial Results

1,702 Fish caught since 2003

2019 Derby ???
2018 Derby: 34
2017 Derby: 74 fish
2016 Derby: 87 fish
2015 Derby: 118 fish
2014 Derby:  98 fish
2013 Derby: 45 fish
2012 Derby:  82 fish
2011 Derby: 135 fish
2010 Derby: 83 fish
2009 Derby: 133 fish
2008 Derby: 147 fish
2007 Derby: 178 + 66 fish
2006 Derby: 115 + 53 fish
2005 Derby: 131 fish
2004 Derby:  97 fish
2003 Derby: 26 fish





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